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No need to empty your wallet

Prices vary based from several hundred dollars for informational websites to tens of thousands for complex database driven applications.

One step at a time.
Often times we develop a phased approach to website design, developing the site in stages and adding new feature's as your budget allows or once the site begins to generate income.

Have a great idea and want to sell online?
Why dump a bunch of money into a full-blown e-commerce web site before you have even made a single sale? Why not set up the storefront and once you see there is interest in your product; add the back-end coding? In most cases this is the bulk of the web development expense. How many of our competitors would even offer you that option? Not many. We really have your best interests at heart.

Just to give you an idea.
Just starting out? Wordpress Websites are Free with every hosting account.
4 to 7 page sites (Custom graphics, foundational SEO, Content Management System) @ $2,495.00
Professional E-commerce / Online Catalogs starting at $4,995.00
Custom Web applications – Quoted per project specification.

So you've learned a bit about us,
What can we do to earn your business?

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Testimonials Quote Mountain Internet has been great to work with. They are very prompt, honest, and good at helping you visualize the project. Finding a good web designer is a lot like finding a good mechanic. Go with Mountain Internet and you will save yourself many headaches. I speak from experience.

-AJ @ Anytime Deals Testimonials Quote

Testimonials Quote I recommend Mountain Internet for any internet or web-based application development project. They will get it done fast, in a quality manner, for a fair price. Their client list is impressive and a testament to their skills and integrity.

-Steve @ Improvesmart Testimonials Quote